Norwegian hydropower -
clean and green





Foto: NVE

Ultralow carbon foot-print

The energy in Norway is almost exclusively produced from hydropower plants – making it clean, green and guaranteed to boost your sustainability credentials.

For DC operators we are offering: 

  • Sites connected to hydropower production feed with strongest possible grid connection
  • Norway is Europe’s leading producer of hydropower
  • Norwegian hydropower is the cleanest in the world
  • Hydropower will remain the most important source of renewable energy (IEA)

Norway’s continuity of energy supply is close to 99.99%.

Strong grid connection and proximity to hydropower production provides for dual feed of electrical power. This gives your data center access to an extremely stable source of renewable power. 

Clean, green power

Thanks to natural advantages and effective management, Norwegian hydropower is among the cleanest in the world.

Stringent environmental regulations for Norwegian hydropower plant development and operations gives
ultralow CO2 footprint - 3,3 grammes CO2/KWh – for  hydropower in Norway. 
Read the full report here. 

Inside the hydropower plant in Matre, Masfjorden municipality.                                                    ⇒