GreenByte Powered land business model is customising data center sites for your needs. It is all green, ultralow carbon footprint and we care about circular economy. 

                 Powered land as a service

The GreenByte Powered Land business model is customising data centre sites for your needs, as a service. We are offering ALL GREEN solutions, facilitated by local partner. 

Local partners take care of site development, building and operation of land and energy infrastructure.

The GreenByte Powered land customisation process secures operators a safe establishment in Greater Bergen.   
Greater Bergen is an ideal region for data centers.

  • Our hydropower is green and sustainable
  • Ultralow carbon footprint
  • Western Norway is the highest hydropower producing region in Norway, with the lowest energy cost in Europe. 

Circular economy

We are also concerned about how to use the surplus heath from the data centres and are developing solutions to reuse the heath.

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Cost efficient 

To develop your next data center with our model is cost efficient. We have:

  • Zoned sites
  • Short time to market
  • Possibilities for scaling
  • Total service from quality partners and suppliers

Local service

Local service can provide:

  • Total energy services
  • Optional DC support (SLA)

                   The customisation process

as a service

  • Customer needs
  • Site suitability
  • Customisation parameters
  • Feasibility study
  • Pre-project plan and timeline
  • Commitment to pre-project 

as a service 

  • Land and energy infrastructure and service levels defined
  • Project SLA for Powered Land offering/lease agreement for DC operator negotiated investment decision

as a service

  • Land development
  • Energy infrastructure
  • Fibre
  • Certifications of electric infrastructure

as a service

  • Energy Infrastructure/ land ownership and operation by local partner (governed by the Powered Land SLA)
  • SLA handling of local DC facility support services
  • Efficient long term, flexible operation to optimize customer experience