Low-cost, renewable energy

Here in the Bergen region you’ll find some of Europe’s lowest wholesale energy prices.

What’s more, this energy comes almost exclusively from hydropower plants – making it clean, green and guaranteed to boost your sustainability credentials.

Last but not least, Norway’s continuity of energy supply is close to 99.99% in an average year. This gives your data center access to an extremely stable source of power.


Excellent connectivity

All of our data center sites come with dark fibre access as a matter of course, along with redundant fibre connections.

With regards to latency, connections between Bergen and UK, the US and the rest of the world are excellent. In fact, using Tampnet and other operators we are able to offer the shortest possible route between Norway and the UK.

Data centers located near Bergen can connect to London with 14,5 ms latency round trip. The same route offers great access to Ireland and the US.

Easy to do business

Norway’s political system is stable, open and predictable.

In fact, we’re ranked among the top 10 countries globally on the “Ease of Doing Business” index.

We have developed a range of shovel-ready sites, making it as easy as possible for you to get started with your new data center in the Nordics.

A digitalized society

Norway is undergoing rapid technological change, creating many new opportunities.

A recent report by Tufts University found that Norway was the most digitalized country in the world.

In our high-tech economy, you can find many exciting partners to work with. Our skills base will also provide a strong foundation for your next data center.

Why not meet some of our local players in the Bergen region?

Smart energy systems

In western Norway, our naturally cold climate works to reduce the need for cooling systems. This is a great way for data center operators to cut costs.

If you’re after something tailor-made, some data center sites also offer special cooling solutions provided by our local utility company, BKK. In return, data center operators will in many cases be able to recycle the excess heat they produce, sharing it with local homes and businesses.

BKK is also at the forefront of developing smart energy systems that can allocate resources between different businesses, bringing greater efficiency and substantial cost advantages for data centers.