Norway is a world leader in the field of clean energy, and 98% of the country’s electricity production comes from renewable sources. This makes Norway is the perfect place to set up a sustainable and climate-friendly data center.

Our energy is not just greener, it’s also competitively priced. Greater Bergen sits within the biggest energy-producing region of Norway, surrounded by a number of hydropower plants. This means that our wholesale prices for electricity are among the lowest in Europe.

Together with a reliable electricity grid and built-in redundancy, your data center’s power needs will be well and truly met in the Bergen region.

Heating and cooling

We aim to develop an sustainable and energy-effective platform to support our increasingly digital society. We’re not just content to be world-beating in clean energy. We want to go beyond this in Greater Bergen, and fully integrate data centers into our urban areas.

We aim to create smart neighbourhoods in the Bergen region where energy systems are shared, and where the heat from data centers is re-used. Smart systems like this can lead to greater sustainability, as well as helping to cut costs for data center operators.

We’ve made good progress with planning several such neighbourhoods – see where you could fit in.

Norway’s ethos

Of course, sustainability isn’t just about kilowatts and pounds of CO2. Norway is also proud to be a standard-bearer for many of the UN’s other sustainable development goals.

Locate your data centre here and your workforce will be well looked after, your local infrastructure will be top-quality, and you will benefit from a high level of political stability.

Our superb education system in Norway also means that you’ll gain access to highly-skilled and well-trained labour force that can make your data center a success.

Learn more about the local actors that will help you meet your goals.