Kokstad West data center site

An exciting data center and smart energy network project in final phase of zoning. Based at the established Kokstad West industrial park. Close to the centre of Bergen and the city’s international airport.


2-20 MW


25,000m2 +



Time to market


The Kokstad West site is being prepared for a potential exciting smart energy and data center integration project, where excess heat from the data center facility will be re-used by nearby buildings. This has the potential to save costs, as well as delivering greater sustainability. 

Kokstad West is based in a browfield industrial park, with the site currently in the finishing stages of zoning. The area available to the data center would be approximately 25,000 m2, with the potential for dual-feed electrical power that could scale to 20+ MV within the building period.

This data center site lies close to Bergen city center, and is only a few minutes’ drive from the international airport. Kokstad West is located at one of the major grid distribution points in the Greater Bergen area. Redundant fibre connectivity is available.


Suitable for: Edge, Co-location and HPC data centres
Site in brief: Zoning for data center use in final phase
Area size: approx. 25 000 m2 in total, more area may be provided for
Owner today: BTS development and partners
Possible construction start date: 2020/21
How much of the land is settled/filled: filled
Gradient of the land: flat
Drainage situation: good


Electrical power within 2020: 20 MW.
Possible upgrade: 20+ MW could be available by 2022.

Fibre / Connectivity

Fibre situation today: redundant fibre. Operator diversity is possible. Dark fibre & DWDM available.

With regards to connectivity, data centers located in Greater Bergen can connect to London with a 16,5 ms latency round trip. The same route offers great access to Ireland and the US. Data traffic to mainland Europe will either go through UK, or go through Sweden or Denmark.

Destinations from Greater Bergen - Round Trip Delay (RTD)

London 16,8ms
Aberdeen 13,7ms
Amsterdam 17ms
Frankfurt 20,5ms
Oslo 7,5ms
Stockholm 14ms

Renewable energy at Europe’s lowest cost

The west coast of Norway offers the lowest wholesale prices for renewable power in Europe. A data center of 10MW and 8000 full load hours would hence have an estimated annual power costs of average ~2 MEUR per year in Greater Bergen, Norway versus  close to ~3 MEUR in Sweden. In the UK the comparable cost are 3x the power costs in the Nordic region. Compare your alternative investment country and you will find that Norway is outperforming not only in CO2 emissions, but also in cost.

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