New “digital motorway” will create growth for western Norway

A leading utility provider has just announced plans for a new, high-capacity fibre connection on Norway’s west coast.

The cable will be laid by the company BKK, and will run from Os in the Bergen region to the Green Mountain data park near Stavanger.

The connection will be important part of the main cable network in western Norway, creating a more robust and secure fibre infrastructure in the region.

“One of the unique strengths of western Norway has been its unmatched access to clean, low‑cost energy. Today, this just isn’t enough,” explains BKK.

“Today’s companies are organized around big data, sensor technology, automation and a lightning‑fast connection to the wider world.”

“[The cable] will not only strengthen Bergen, but will also aid the whole of Norway’s west coast to be a competitive and future‑facing region, with a global perspective,” adds Håkon Pettersen, Finance Commissioner for Bergen Council.

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