National and local data center strategies

The conditions for establishing data centers in Norway is good. We have reliable green and renewable hydropower and excellent connectivity.

The Norwegian Government has made a strategy on how to get more data centers to Norway. In the strategy, the Government establish that data centers will become an increasingly important resource and input for the business community as well as for society in general. Norway is in front within digitalization and to facilitate for further positive digital development the Government underlines the importance of data-driven value creation.

The data centre industry is relatively new, it is growing fast, and there is reason to believe its growth will continue as the amount of data produced increases exponentially. Further development of the data centre industry will also help increase business for providers of data centre components and services.

Read the whole report ‘Norway as a data centre nation’ 

Several interesting projects in Greater Bergen

Greater Bergen is well under way with facilitating for new data center sites in the region and the region is following closely the rapid development within the data center industry.

‘We are continuously working with developing new data center sites for new stakeholders. We are working on two projects where we look into how we can resircle the heath from the data center and use it in the vicinity, and how the data center can be part of an area’s energy mix. Very exciting stuff to work with’ says Tore Mong in Greenbyte.