Download our new product sheets

We’ve just released new product sheets, which give an overview of some of our most attractive data center sites in Greater Bergen.

GreenByte is committed to offering a range of shovel‑ready sites, allowing data center operators to start building within a matter of weeks.

By providing information on time‑to‑market, plot size, power supply and a whole variety of other factors, our product sheets can help you to select your perfect site even faster.

Download product sheet for Matre

Download product sheet for Børdalen

Download product sheet for Skipavika

“We have an excellent selection of sites here in Greater Bergen, including both large and small plots, and both brownfield and greenfield opportunities,” explains Tore Mong, Director of GreenByte.

“What’s more, all of our sites offer a steady supply of renewable and low‑cost energy, making them extremely well‑adapted for housing modern data centers.”

Perfect for HPC data centers

The region around Bergen in the west of Norway is known for its high density of hydropower plants.

As a result, Greater Bergen benefits from some of the lowest power prices across Europe. As Mong notes, this makes the region particularly suited to welcoming one type of data centers – High‑Performance Computing (HPC) facilities.

HPC data centers are designed to handle the toughest computing problems within science, engineering or business. These data centres can carry out up to a trillion calculations a second, which means that these facilities often require large amounts of power.

Mong says: “Norway, and particularly the Bergen region, is excellently placed to welcome High‑Performance Computing data centers.”

“Greater Bergen can offer the low‑cost and sustainable power that these companies need, while also being home to a skilled workforce and business‑friendly local authorities.”


If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of western Norway as a data center location, visit our website or get in touch