Big step for Norway as a data centre nation

“This is a big day for us. Norway has ambitions as a data centre nation”, said the Minister of Digitalisation Nicolai Astrup, at the Havfrue fibre launch party in Kristiansand.

Havfrue is a new direct fibre cable between the US and Denmark, with branches going to Ireland and to Kristiansand in Norway.

The cable has now landed in Norway, meaning that the country has fast track fibre to the US for the first time in its history. The transatlantic connection stretches for more than 7,000 kilometres, and has been co‑built by the Norwegian Bulk Fiber Networks Team.

“We believe in Norway, and that Norway with all our renewable hydro power available, can take a position within the data centre industry”, said Bulk owner Peder Nærbø.  

Bulk's trans-Atlantic HAVFRUE and "TBN" subsea cable system opens up possibilities for utilizing Nordics's vast surplus of renewable energy in addition to creating diverse routes to Nordic and European markets.

Norway as a data centre nation

The new Havfrue fibre cable is landing just outside Kristiansand in southern Norway, in a new huge industrial area adapted to data centres.

There are a number of new data centre parks springing up around the country, as well as local initiatives to grow the industry.

Sustainable energy is important for data centres, and Norway has an abundance of renewable hydropower that can be exploited. The new Havfrue cable will also enable better connectivity and much more security.

In his speech, Astrup stressed that the new fibre cable is an important part in building Norway as a data centre nation. “This is a new chapter for Norwegian power-intensive industry and new jobs in Norway”, said the digitalisation minister.


Invest in Bergen has, together with local hydropower company BKK and Hordaland County, established GreenByte as a facilitator for data centres in Greater Bergen.“We have several interesting data centre sites in the region. The new fibre to Kristiansand is good news also for our sites”, says Tore Mong, GreenByte’s Director.

There is another fibre initiative in the western part of Norway, for a new fibre connection between the west coast of Norway to Newcastle in UK, the NO-UK cable.

“If this project is realised, this will also mean a big improvement for the fibre connection between Norway, UK, Ireland and the US”, says Mong.