Bergen data centre project takes big step forwards

Plans for a new data centre and sustainable energy network in Bergen took a big step forward this month after the city’s top politicians recommended the scheme for approval.

The decision is an important foundation for the project, which also involves building a new indoor arena and business park on the outskirts of Bergen.

The recommendation will go before a meeting of Bergen’s full city council next month, where it is expected to be approved.

If given the go‑ahead, construction of the new development in the city’s Kokstad area could begin during the next two years.

Tore Mong, Director at GreenByte, said: “This is a fantastic show of local support for the idea of having a data centre in Bergen, and integrating this within an overall shared energy system.”

“We are now a step further in realising this exciting project, which will create jobs, workplaces and energy‑efficient digital infrastructure for the city.”

A representation of the new development at Kokstad Vest.

Smart energy system

The new project will involve building several office buildings, as well as a brand new city arena capable of hosting sports matches and big‑name concerts.

The Kokstad Vest development will also boast a number of smart solutions, aimed at saving energy and promoting sustainability.

One of the most exciting measures is to build a data centre in the basement of the new arena. This way, excess heat from the facility can warm up both the stadium and nearby buildings.

The data centre itself could also exploit wastewater from the adjoining business park, using this to cool down its computer systems.

Mong added: “The new development at Kokstad is a shining example of how tomorrow’s neighbourhoods can be made as sustainable as possible.”

“Data centers are a key part of our digital society, and schemes like this show that they can also play a positive role in our communities.”

Bergen’s city council members will take a final decision on the project on 13 March.

The property owners will then begin detailed planning, with construction slated to begin onsite as early as 2021.

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